Raking leaves ??

Leaves are beginning to fall. Quite likely, the extreme heat prompts trees to start shedding their leaves. That isn’t scientific, that’s just my speculation. I watched leaves falling as I enjoyed coffee while “rocking” on my patio. I’d watered the plants and started a fire in the burn barrel. Any time I have a fire, I have the garden hose nearby, and “old lady” keeping a watchful eye. The TV meteorologist’ are commenting that slightly cooler weather is on the horizon. ~~ Blame my mood on the heat(??) but I’m weary of “independent living”!! I’ve begun an Internet search for an apartment in some far-away city. (Livingston, Texas, is definitely NOT a favorable option.) ~~ FYI: “Owner” was making too many demands so “the lot” I looked at, and wrote about, and displayed pictures, is history. What? Why? He wanted a “quickie” deal and a handshake which my lady-friend-lawyer advised against.

One comment on “Raking leaves ??

  1. Charlie says:

    Lovely Lorraine, do you have allergies to animals? If you find you want or need to move and don’t know where, you are welcome to come stay here while you continue your search for your community.

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