Two sides to every story

Lorraine here with the entire email message we received in the Park email.


[ParkEmail] Re: Communications Tower on CARE Property

Park Email [ParkEmail]

1:04 PM (2 hours ago)

to ParkEmail


A number of negative signs have recently appeared on various properties within the Escapees Park concerning the Communications Tower that is going to be built on a 100 x 100 plot of land owned by Escapees CARE, Inc.

As President of the Board of Directors of CARE, I would like to provide you with the true facts concerning this issue.

We were contacted about the possibility of leasing a plot of ground on CARE Property for the purpose of erecting a cell tower for AT&T. Considering that the AT&T cell signals are so poor or even non-existent in this area, it was very obvious that a cell tower nearby would provide a positive benefit for residents of Escapees Park as well as all of the Escapees who visit Rainbows End.

Another positive benefit for leasing this property for a Communications Tower is that over a ten year period Escapees CARE will receive revenue of $120,000 from this lease. As a non-profit organization, this added revenue will help towards our commitment to provide the services we do for our Residents and Day Care participants.

Before we gave further consideration to this lease, we researched thoroughly about the possibility of the tower creating a health hazard arising from the reception and transmission of electronic signals. With declarations by the American Cancer Society, the Federal Communications Commission, and other governmental agencies, that there is no health hazard arising from this type of facility under ordinary conditions, we felt comfortable proceeding with negotiations.

One of the concerns expressed by the negative signs, is that it will diminish property values. There is no apparent reason for this claim, except conjecture.  In fact, negative signs posted throughout the community will probably do more to diminish property values than a cell tower would.

After considering all of the facts, we felt that this cell tower would be a positive thing by providing improved cellular service to the neighborhood, and especially for Escapees CARE, with the financial benefit to be realized from this lease.

The Board of Directors has unanimously approved proceeding with this proposal. We are saddened that there are a few people who feel the way they do about this project, but we feel that it is appropriate to proceed for the overall benefit of Escapees CARE, its Residents and Day Care participants.

I realize that Park Mail is intended to be an information source for the Escapees community. This message is sent with that in mind. I do not expect or intend it to be the basis for an online forum or debate. I just want to be sure that the community has a clear understanding of the facts that led to our decision to proceed with this project.

Bruce Horton, CARE Board President.

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