Staycation ?!

A gift I’m giving myself.

Stay at home and take a vacation from computers?!


In my humble opinion, some of my “inspiration” is born during the night when I’m wide awake. Early morning (today) my brain was saying “staycation.” As a person who has practiced health and nutrition half her lifetime, I recognize messages my body is sending.

Blog messages are the exception. It’s fun to look for clipart and compose a blog message. With, I’m sitting at the edge of my chair, I’m leaning into the screen, my shoulders are stiff, my focus is intense. My “family tree” has to be perfect!! Intellectually (healthwise) I know that ten hours (or more) at the computer is excessive. (But it is so challenging!!)


Went back to bed and didn’t awaken until 8:15.


Turn off the TV?? Take a “staycation” from Sunday Face the Nation, This Week, and Meet The Press?? The news is bad enough without newsmen “stirring the pot.”

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