On my soapbox !!

Yours truly is lethargic from extreme heat (weather). Are fellow Ancestry  researchers too lethargic to search for sources? I’m not bragging (about my sources); I’m declaring the fact! First image (below) shows my data yesterday. Second image is my data, today at 3:00 PM. *EUREKA?* They don’t want to spend hours collecting data? Find another gripe further down in this message.




With one exception, everyone had the birth date but no other data. A search provided this tombstone. We can’t read a birth date but death date is obvious and initials of the parents reveal her identity.

I suspected her name was misspelled. Years ago, one of my genealogy instructors (George Schweitzer) told of standing in another room and shouting a name to his wife. “What did you hear?”  What the census taker heard is often the way the name was spelled (“France” for Frantz, “Near” for Neher). It is my belief some Census takers simply could not spell “Jeremiah” or “Lydia.” I’m using lessons from thirty years ago as I enjoy “armchair research.”

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