This brightened my day !!

Believe it or not, it is relaxing to shift from Ancestry to the preparation of a blog message. Every day I say I’m not going to spend time “climbing the family tree”  but it draws me like a magnet!! I’ve been documenting individuals listed in obituaries (forwarded from a cousin), One surname leads to another, and another (infinitum). Whenever possible, I attach a web link to the family history I published in 1996. Alice Frantz (image on the top right) “popped up” today so I’m in the process of building her branch of the tree. (Those “Frantz” women show up in the most unexpected places.) I say “brightened my day”  because I was skeptical of some information. Finding information in the 1900 Federal Census was a goldmine: All her children from two marriages (image number four). I have five more sources than “top of the list other guy” (image number five) and I haven’t even begun to research and document her children.



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