Mundane Monday

“Chores” are shouting at me because they demand attention! **If** I could clone myself, I’d have “the other me” clean, cook, market, and work at downsizing.

Believe it or not: I pour a lot of energy into scrutiny and documentation of sources for individuals in my family tree. Today I’m exhausted and plan on “effortless” activities like wash dishes, make ice tea, prepare a salad, tidy my living room, yadda yadda yadda.

On Saturday afternoon, I went grocery shopping so I’m stocked up for a couple of weeks. I got drenched in a sudden rainstorm (that lasted five minutes and then the sun came out). I don’t plan to water plants; I pray they got sufficient from our occasional sprinkles. “Hurricane Barry” provided some rain in our area but no damage.

It takes an hour to prepare the salad and an hour to eat it!! Yes, I devour every item in that big bowl!! (Organic greens, bell pepper, boiled egg [free range], cucumber, homegrown tomatoes, raisins, best quality olive oil, and best quality vinegar.)

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