Too much on my mind…

…and I can’t sleep!!

Yesterday was a potpourri of activities. (1) Another load of laundry, (2) lengthy conversations with two separate visitors, (3) lawn and garden repetitious stuff, etc., etc. Interspersed… time at the computer working on a challenging “family tree” mystery. “Who is Catherine Leedy?”  Ancestry Member Family Trees have copied one another’s erroneous information and list her as the mother of Abraham Miller’s children. She is the second wife after my ancestor (first cousin, five times removed), Salome Frantz, passed away. The second marriage is documented in my book Frantz Families–Kith & Kin (published in 1996) and my information came from earlier printed material. “People” don’t do research any more (?!); “people” copy “the other guy.” Someday I hope my Ancestry “tree” is so well documented, people copy my material. (My legacy?)

I won’t bore the reader with details of my many unique Ancestry searches. Was her maiden name “Leedy”? Was she previously married to a man named “Leedy”? No answer… so I checked valuable old material. Sadly, still no answer! ~~ Most of the time, on Ancestry (or Family Search), I find many “sources” for the individuals in my “tree”; I don’t “copy”….

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