Satisfaction brought it back !!

“Stupid old lady; what does she know?”  My neighbors may not verbalize their disdain but I detect it in their voice.  The landlady’s stepson advised me the water will be turned off at 4:00 PM. I asked if he was notifying the other people and (of course) he can’t (or won’t). Because of my recent research, I called two residents to advise them. One was bubbling with appreciation; one was arguing with me that he isn’t on “Deep Well #2.” I attempted to explain my recent interest and share details regarding my research. “You’re wrong.”  I suggested we work on getting it right. To be fair, maybe he doesn’t like to talk on the phone so he came over to see what I was talking about and said: “I’ll bring my shovel and dig the hole.” ~~ We did not find a “shut off” but we found the water line exactly at the location I had staked out.

3 comments on “Satisfaction brought it back !!

  1. Becky Tracy says:

    It is time to bite the bullet and hire true professionals with your multiple problems. Band aids won’t work if you ever try to sell. I highly recommend Leggett Plumbing.

    • Thanks, Becky, but I’m “just the renter.” I have no voice in the matter. Not one kind word out of the mouth of my landlady. No appreciation for the fact I pay the electric bill for their laundry. No appreciation for my expense to hire a service to cut down and haul away a dead tree. No appreciation for the improvements I’ve made in the appearance of the yard. No gratitude for a renter who pays the rent in advance (and never fails to pay). ~~ I’m looking for my “Intentional Community” so I can move someplace where I will be able to “love and be loved.”

  2. Becky Tracy says:

    Didn’t mean to imply this was your problem. Believe the owner of record of the property is Joan’s daughter.

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