The TV news is full of images of the devastation from a tornado that touched down in the Dayton, Ohio, area. Dayton, and Trotwood, are dear-to-my-heart. I lived in nearby Brookville, Ohio, for two years. I was volunteering at the Brethren Heritage Center (2004-2006). I suspect many of my Old German Baptist Brethren and Church of the Brethren “cousins” have been affected (by the tornado). Decades ago (1989), a novice at genealogy, at an Old German Baptist Brethren Annual Meeting, I was told: “You are related to most of these (4,000) people.”  I documented the Frantz family, and collateral lines, in Frantz Families–Kith & Kin (published in 1996). Now I document the families in Lorraine Frantz Family Tree on Ancestry.com. Didn’t mean to digress; my heartfelt concern is for family members suffering after the tornado.

The weather is fickle: Hurrican season has begun so next month Houston, Texas, (and Livingston, Texas) could be the target. I’m extremely grateful for my many God-given blessings!!

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