Nine years and counting !!

Sentimental old lady likes to look back on pleasurable events of yesteryear. Here is a link to a blog message published on 29 May 2010. Why today? Because I’m reminiscing about the friendship that was born in Exeter, New Hamshire nine years ago.  To this very day, to this very hour, we exchange email messages. “Deb” has been such a dear friend and a good listener when I pour out grief and frustrations (via email). From afar, she helps me with solutions to RV problems. Without fail, thoughtful Christmas gifts arrive in the mail.

This old lady has little to offer in return. To my delight, yesterday Deb asked for information that might be available from Family Search  or I am ecstatically happy to oblige!! Unfortunately, today my detective skills have failed to provide the requested answers. I’ll keep searching.

When I say “old lady” it shows in my face. Look at a picture from nine years ago versus a few days ago.

2 comments on “Nine years and counting !!

  1. Deb says:

    Wow, I couldn’t have told you it has been almost 10 years! Your hair’s a little more grey. (They tell me mine is, too, lol). But you still have the same smile! Glad you swung by to see us, and glad, and grateful, to have gained a good friend.

  2. Jimmie says:

    I accused Lorraine of using “MS Clairol” which she denies! When I met her (7-8 years ago?) she was not so gray. You can turn back the clock Lorraine!

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