Died and went to Heaven ?

The food in the “dining room” was fit for a King!! The food at the “buffet” was delightful!! It has been five-plus years since I’ve seen so many tantalizing food items. Five-plus years ago, approximately fifty residents of Rainbow’s End RV Park and CARE went on a Caribbean cruise. It was a joy to be surrounded by friends and acquaintances.  This trip, I made new friends and (perhaps) met extended family members. In the main dining room, I met five ladies, interrelated, from Mississippi. As we got better acquainted, I told them I “felt led”  to tell them “my Mississippi story.”  First, I shared how I’ve documented my children’s, and grandchildren’s, family tree (as a perpetual gift). When I mentioned the “Ware” and “Blackwell” surnames (from Mississippi), the ladies almost fainted. One lady’s maiden name is Blackwell. They may check my Ancestry.com database to see if a connection.

Solos and singles were invited to meet, and greet, for lunch. I met many friendly folks. One young man, “Tim,” crossed my path frequently, and always greeted me affectionately. One especially kind lady invited me to join her for a private tour of the island. “Charlie” had hired a driver for the entire day with the desire to see places “off the beaten (tourist) path.” (More about that later.) Our noon meal was unique (“unique”  for this old lady).

For the most part, I was a “solo”  because my roommate, Nancy, purchased meals at the specialty restaurants. Likewise, she purchased many excursions and was off “exploring”  the islands during the day, and “fine dining” at night. Personally, I couldn’t imagine food any better than the feast each night in the dining room. (More about that later.) Yes, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven!

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