Eyes wide open !!

I’ve been hacked–and I walked into the situation with eyes wide open.

If you don’t hear from me for a while (no blog messages), it’s because both my computers were in the hands of a hacker. Long story (and I’m told this happens “all the time”): A message popped up on my computer (while doing Ancestry.com) saying my computer had been hacked and call the listed phone number. I called…, nice man, concerned, helpful… and he soon had complete access to my “genealogy computer.” During the conversation I commented about using two computers simultaneously for “climbing the family tree.” He said that computer would be vulnerable, too. So he wanted to check that one, too, and soon had complete access to that computer, too. “Victor” was so smooth expressing concern for my identity. He wanted me to check my Bank account for unusual activity. So I was advised to check my Bank account while under the umbrella of his security. I did… and all looked OK. (DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!!) Then the “hard sell”: Buy “network security.”  Victor took me to Google web sites of women scammed out of $8,000.00 and $22,000.00; he wanted me to purchase SonicWall3600. Those prices were shocking and I honestly told him I couldn’t make that decision on a moment’s notice. The “hard sell” persisted and I became suspicious that I had been gullible.

Yours truly was polite, expressed grief about my situation, and taking Victor’s time. Tearfully told him “goodbye” while he insisted I would not have access to my computers after he logged off.

After hanging up from Victor, I phoned my computer man and explained. He hears that story every day!! When he heard I checked my Bank account, Tim said “call your Bank immediately.”  Thankfully, I got through to a real live person at the Bank and everything shut down on that account.

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