FRUSTRATION (in capital letters) !!

One-hundred things I should be doing. However, I’m entangled with a mystery. Searching, searching, searching…. Then putting the details in a story I attached to the woman, in my Ancestry database. Confession: No answers to my questions (and projects neglected).


A mystery is monopolizing hours of my time. I’m the self-designated custodian when it comes to “Frantz” family information. Frequently, I find a “Frantz” in unexpected places. I was documenting the recent-death obituary of one-hundred year old Myrtle Wrightsman (with Crist, and Bowman ancestors). Documenting in, here was Catherine Magdalena Frantz married to David Bryan Bowman. I was shaking my head: “Those aren’t her parents.”  I turned to my publication Frantz Families–Kith & Kin and found her supposed parents very well documented on four pages (Vol. 1, pp. 51-54). Without exaggeration, I searched her–and parents–a dozen different ways (in No success!! Then a search of the LDS Family Search and same misinformation–but no sources. The object of my frustration (wife) supposedly lived in Botetourt County, Virginia. The spouse lived in Rockingham County, Virginia. Next, a Google search to see if they were adjoining counties.  Obviously not.


It’s safe to say, I’m obsessive-compulsive regarding accuracy and there would be no rest until the mystery of her identity was solved. I leave a trail of comments with individuals in my Ancestry database. Three examples:  (1) FYI: I searched with all variations of the name. Sometimes a search on Catherine; sometimes a search on Magdalena; sometimes surname “Franz” or “France” or “Frank” (in addition to Frantz). I searched without given name but female with those birth and death dates. Seriously, I’ve made every effort to identify her parents. (2) In frustration, I turned to the LDS Family Search and it displayed “Michael Phemert Frantz” (1754-May 1817) but no sources. Michael, and Elizabeth Sollenberger (1753-1787) listed as “Catherine Franz” parents. No sources for Elizabeth, either. Michael Phemert Frantz parents are listed as Michael Frantz Jr. and Magdalena Zug. In Family Search, eleven sources for Michael Jr. and seventeen sources for Magdalena Zug.  ~~ This is such a mystery!! (3) The 1782 birth year would “fit” in with birth of four other children. **IF** Catherine is a daughter, why wasn’t she listed when Michael specifically mentioned wife and children in Will and Settlement? See Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, Vol. 1, p. 53.

The 1850 Federal Census for District 56, Rockingham County, Virginia, lists Catherine Bowman (age 68) with Magdalene Frantz (age 70), Jemima Bowman (age 26), and Joseph Bowman (age zero). The latter two, Catherine’s daughter-in-law and grandson. The mystery deepens: What is Jemima’s maiden name? Who is Magdalene Frantz? Very thorough searches did not reveal additional information regarding the identity of Magdalene Frantz. Furthermore, no information about Jemima, her daughter Caroline, and son Joseph. Question: With extensive information in Ancestry, why the absence of documentation regarding these individuals?

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