Believe it !?

“Shirley (Sherlock) Holmes” at work! However, “Shirley” didn’t seem to be getting anywhere!! A few days ago, a man with the surname FRANCE contacted me–in search of his early ancestors. I was confident I had all the answers. One of my FRANTZ ancestors moved from Virginia to Kentucky, and his name changed to “France.” ~~ A few hours of data entry and I’d be able to confidently share the information with him. Right? Sadly, it was an exercise in futility. Finally, an “aha moment”: A cousin marriage!  I followed all the hints; I added all the pertinent information. No children–so I created a “pretend child” so I could look at both “trees.” At this hour (2:20 PM) they appear to be distinctly two individual trees. However, “Shirley” will do a few more searches determined to find the connection.



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