One comment on “Make lemonade ?

  1. Deb says:

    Yikes! Not sure what you did, but remember, ICE for pain, with a new injury…it lessens swelling and helps with pain…and heat for older injuries that “ache.” If you don’t have ice or ice packs, you can make a flexible ice pack in a baggie, using 1 cup of rubbing alcohol to 2 cups water. Squeeze out excess air and double bag; freeze at least an hour. Two tablespoons of salt to 2 cups of water will also keep a bag from freezing all the way. Some people use straight corn syrup or dish soap like Dawn, but that you can’t leave in as long or it gets hard. Unfortunately we have lots of experience with ice packs, lol. Ibuprofen is another OTC drug that helps with swelling…as does compression (what we used to call Ace bandages). Dollar Tree has those, too. Elevation is the other thing…maybe easier when sleeping than in the daytime, lol. Hope it heals quickly!

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