Rude awakening !!

Yesterday was so warm, I turned the furnace “off.” When I awakened this morning, my trailer home was cold. I turned the furnace “on” and went back to bed. About ten minutes later I was forced to get out of my warm bed to determine why I was hearing a loud “beep.” For the first time while living in my trailer home, the propane detector light had changed from green to yellow–and the piercing “beep.” I turned the furnace “off,” opened a window, and started the ceiling fan. Eight o’clock and beeping continues.


Yours truly pushed–and held–the button and it cycled from yellow to green–and beeping stopped. ~~ Earlier, I reached out (via email) to a dear lady-friend and she sent video instructions. (Thanks Debra.) Quite possibly, the unit failed due to “old age” (fifteen years old). ~~ “Old age”  takes a toll on body and equipment!!


Here is a link with the absolute answer to my experience. It’s almost ten o’clock and I’m “on the Internet” shopping for carbon monoxide detector replacement.

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