Colossal faux pas ?!

Decided to make the sixteen mile round trip into Livingston. I wanted to do something different so decided to go to Dickey’s BBQ. I rarely eat meat but “I wanted to do something different.” Dickey’s was closed. I went next door and looked at Schlotzskys menu and didn’t see anything tempting. I decided I’d try the “cheesy bacon fries” at McDonald’s. (I HATE McDONALD’S but the fries are a current popular advertisement on TV.) I ordered a fish filet sandwich with the fries. Both items were horrible (in my humble opinion)!! I was hungry but that food was so bad I threw the $8.47 meal in the trash and walked out!! Repeat: I HATE McDONALD’S.

I drove a short distance to a grocery store and purchased items totaling $64.75. All healthy stuff!!

Home again!! Good food!! (Abused planters!!!!) Listening to uplifting spiritual message by Charles Stanley, First Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia.  More good messages to follow on Christian TV.

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