Coming up for air ?!

Two days “climbing the family tree” when I had planned to do other indoor stuff. Our weather is cold but nothing severe like many areas in the North and Midwest. Seriously, I have been glued to the computer(s) for three days. I’ve been in my pajamas, and robe, these three days. Today, I had two mugs of coffee and a bowl of ice cream. I was so involved with documentation surrounding two requests, I didn’t want to take time to prepare food!!! ~~ I’ve been smelling propane and discovered my tank is almost empty. I don’t know how soon the company will be out because in cold weather they are extremely busy. Moments ago, I went to the cargo trailer to retrieve the electric space heater. I “thought” Spring was here so stored the heater. My trailer home won’t be cozy warm but I won’t suffer. ~~ It was raining when I went to the cargo trailer and has rained off-and-on for three days. I haven’t checked the rain gauge because “I’ve been glued to the computers.”

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