Productive exercise ?!

Dark and gloomy morning but pleasant as “the old lady”  worked in the yard. Storm on the horizon and temperature will be much cooler tomorrow. Inch-by-inch, “a few at a time,”  I’m getting ready for the yard sale. Plants have been pruned and (hopefully) luscious new growth at time of sale. Breaks my heart to part with my flowering plants but impossible to move all my lawn and garden to another location.


One comment on “Productive exercise ?!

  1. You asked: Why am I moving? Because nasty neighbor/landlady(*) is making my life extremely stressful!! Not one kind word about the care I’ve given the property. Only threats of $4,000.00 repair to the septic tank and leach lines (my expense, and we have not experienced an obvious problem). Profanity spews out of her mouth regarding the planters. She thinks I removed a dozen Azalea plants from the front yard–and stole the light fixture from the laundry room. C’est la vie.

    (*) Landlady returned in late November after one year absence.

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