Tea time ?!

Watching the Dr. Oz show (love, love, love, Dr. Oz) and he introduced the viewers to uses from tea. He said something like “You received tea for Christmas and don’t know what to do with it.”  I did (receive tea) but I know what to do (traditionally): “Drink tea.” ~~ I love the idea of making “tea broth” or adding tea to other types of broth, or oatmeal.

Give Tea Broth a Try

Ditch the traditional chicken, beef, and vegetable broths. Tea broth can be used in their place when you’re boiling pasta, rice, grains, and oatmeal, but without the added calories. This can be created with virtually any tea of your choosing, as long as it is a lightly brewed tea. To create the broth, steep your tea in water or milk to infuse the flavor. Don’t skip out on vegetables and herbs, but instead use the tea broth as a way to give your dish a delightful aroma and taste. Try infusing your milk with oolong tea before you make oatmeal, or steeping green tea in your chicken soup for added body and a fresh new flavor.

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