Look closely, see a problem? Arrived home (after grocery shopping) and took picture of indoor/outdoor temperatures. Took it off the camera but failed to put the words “outdoors” and “indoors” and time of 5:17 PM. I was and am so frustrated (“daffy”) because the quickly checked email messages revealed many friends received a “bogus” Facebook message from me. I received email messages and a phone call!! OMG, this is “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”  I can’t face one more problem!!

Sunday morning.

We removed a profile that your friend reported because it doesn’t follow our Community Standards. We let the profile owner know that it’s been removed, but not who reported it.

We’re sorry that you had this experience. If in the future you come across someone impersonating you, please let us know:
The Facebook Team

One comment on “Daffy

  1. Stephen Ware says:

    Hi Mom,
    Both Pearl Marie and I have been contacted on Facebook’s Messager with a money scam out of Nigeria. We are both ignoring it. You might go onto your Facebook and post a statement “I’ve been hacked! Please do not respond to friend request or messager request concerning the IMF or World Bank”

    Love you.

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