Toyed with the idea of “Momsicle” for title but that was “corny.” (“Momsicle” as opposed to “popsicle.”) ~~ Seriously, I was awakened–at 12:40 AM–from an extremely vivid dream. I was in a hail storm and very agitated because “I don’t have my camera.”  Speculation: Because I was cold, my mind “pictured” hail on the ground and falling all around me.


It has been twenty days since the RV repairman took my furnace to the shop for repair. Yes, “the holidays” probably influenced the delay but this borders on “elder abuse” (in my humble opinion). An old lady doesn’t rate very high on their priority list? ~~ The “heat strip” (that works in conjunction with the air-conditioner) does not work well when temperature dips into the thirties. My “space heater” is a “life saver.” (Humor me: The “sweeter” side of this story includes candy and frozen treat.)

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