RV furnace repair

Thursday December 20th & Thursday, January 10th.

Thursday: Beautiful sunny day but a very strong wind. TV meteorologist says “wind chill”  means “feels like”  temperature is ten degrees lower. 



Now, I’m trusting my days will be much warmer and I’ll live happily ever after.

2 comments on “RV furnace repair

  1. Jimmie says:

    I hope he put a screen over the opening to keep them out or you will continue to have problems!

  2. No, Jimmie, no screen. Twenty days between start and finish. Yes, the holidays slowed down shipping of parts. $524.60 total cost. I was told it was BADLY rusted and the “igniter” wouldn’t start. I was told “It happens all the time here.” Meaning this area (southeast Texas) with high humidity.

    RV repairs are so expensive (imho). The handyman we relied on for several years has dropped out of sight. He charged a reasonable fee. My lady-friend (with the dog) needs some repairs and we talked to “RV Repairs” man (standing by his truck) during our walk. $100.00 just to come out and $100.00 an hour. It might take five minutes to assess that he can’t do the job but the fee is $200.00. I told the repairman (my furnace, yesterday) about those fees and he said “that’s cheap.” Many… are $200.00 an hour.

    In this Park, we have “little old men and women” who are living at the poverty line. How can they get repairs on a furnace, or refrigerator, or replace/repair a leaking roof??

    Jimmie, I look at the circumstances of other old folks, too. I don’t just complain because I can’t find, and hire, a handyman to help with my simple projects. Today, I am so depressed I went back to bed. The “new parts” in the furnace are “burning” and sending out an odor. This will eventually burn off, I know, but I am so sensitive to odors. I’m depressed, I’m not suicidal. But I’m so tired of this life–and nothing pleasant in the foreseeable future. One of my recent blogs, I was exploring possibility of moving to “community living.” I sent emails to several “communities” but no reply. I was honest and said “I’m 83, in good health” but maybe they don’t want 83 (almost 84) year old woman. I’m 83 and in good health; what about the old folks who aren’t in good health. I have good medical coverage but so many without medical coverage. I “worry” about the welfare of others. (Are you OK??)

    I have a good monthly retirement income (gratefully) but I can’t afford a Senior Retirement Community. One here in Livingston (poorest County in Texas) gets $2,500.00 for a “single” and $3,500.00 for a couple.

    “Screens”: I’ll look at West RV store, and install. I installed screens on the vent for the refrigerator. I’m handy with a lot of projects.

    Well, more than enough babbling from this brook?!?!? Thanks for listening!!

    Have a nice day, a nice weekend, a nice month, and a happy, healthy New Year!!

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