Coming up for air !!

Eleven-fifty-five and I turned from one computer program to another. Seriously, preparing a blog message is relaxing after five hours in Ancestry. com. I could have joined a friend as she walked her dog but I told her “I’m on a roll. I have to stay with this family while information is fresh in my mind.”  Explanation: Seventeen kids, three wives…. If I “stay with it”  until every scrap of source information is documented, I remember names, dates, and locations. Walk away for an hour and I’ll lose the momentum. This morning, I was “traveling” in Kentucky. A branch of my “Frantz” family moved from Virginia to Kentucky and the surname became “France.” It’s always interesting to find new “cousins” and document their families. We’re all descendants of Immigrant Michael Frantz (1686-1748). ~~ Same old lament: I wish modern-day researchers would search the wealth of information available in Ancestry. I did my original research “the old-fashioned way”  (1980-1990’s): I visited libraries, cemeteries, court houses; I traveled to ancestor communities to research. Frantz Families–Kith & Kin was published in 1996; three volumes, 3,180 pages. Now I “research” the Internet and am part of the “armchair research” community. Too many people copy from other member family trees. My goal: Copy mine, it’s accurate!!

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