“A teaspoon of sugar…”

“makes the medicine go down.”

Watched the old Mary Poppins movie last night. On Wednesday, and Friday, night, movies are shown in the RV Park Clubhouse. I’m selective… but drawn to see this old favorite. (No “blood and guts,” Sci-Fi, etc., for this old lady.) I was “singing in the rain”  as I dashed home (in the rain). ~~ This morning, water water everywhere! ~~ Difficulty going to sleep (last night)  so decided on the title for this blog, and content. ~~ “Teaspoon of sugar”  needed because nasty, across the driveway, neighbor must be laying awake at night to plan ways to make my residency unpleasant. My planters are cursed, my carport is coveted, my patio too cluttered….


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