Dumb blog message !!

Correction: Really dumb “journal”  message. Today I’m feeling very nostalgic.


Reporting on recent grocery purchases: Orange Marmalade, and bacon. Truthfully, it has been years since I purchased either. Thinking of my father because orange marmalade was his favorite. Bacon for Lima Beans–a meal I prepared frequently for my sons (with cornbread, yum, yum)

Very few references to “bottle trees” and “bottle bushes’ lately. An almost empty “spice” container was emptied (into lima bean soup), and cleaned, and will join other small bottles on the “frame-work.”



Using the chair (by the window, next to the door) for a backdrop, I was reminded of Saint Andrew’s Priory, Valyermo, Los Angeles County, California (less than fifty miles from my home in Lancaster). The unusual crafts were unique, frequent Christmas gifts. ~~ Nostalgia prompted me to retrieve, and wear, the “California”  sweatshirt.

Nobody wants to read a blog about ingrown big toenail discomfort, or battery dead on KIA for second time in one month. Don’t document aches and pains, Lorraine!! ~~ Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive !!

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