Decisions, decisions, decisions !!!

First Aid supplies, tire pressure gauge, flash light and fresh batteries, rain poncho and rain pants…. All deemed “essential” when I was traveling. Do I  “dust them off” and return them to the KIA?? Obviously, I can discard the “reward cards” for business establishments miles from my home. (True story: I haven’t seen a Sam’s Club, Kroger, Kohl’s, etc., etc., for more than five years!!)

Downsizing in progress!! (Almost all day.) Another box filled with items for Habitat for Humanity thrift store. Lots of old (but good) electronics. Maybe somebody can put to good use? ~~ As soon as the weather is pleasant, I’ll approach “decision-making” in the cargo trailer.

A year ago (yesterday) the decision was made for me. The Judge ruled in favor of the CARE facility and I was legally evicted. A year ago (tomorrow), I moved from the CARE Center to this location. 


Next morning, and honestly must report items were cleaned and returned to washed tote container. Back to KIA; maybe useful eventually.

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