“Journey of a thousand miles…

…begins with one step.”  Over the years, I’ve donated books from my huge library. Fifty boxes of family history to Brethren Heritage Center, Brookville, Ohio, (2004). Seventeen boxes of health and nutrition books to my chiropractor, Charlotte, North Carolina, 2013. Two boxes of Christian books and magazines, 2016-2017, to Love Packages. Grocery bag full of health and nutrition books to health food store, Livingston, Texas, December 15th. Now (like saying “goodbye” to old friends), I’m packing my remaining health books and will donate to the local health food store (for their library). Also few remaining Christian books to Love Packages.


It is a pleasure to report that there was a “dent” in the clutter in the living room of my trailer home. Books were packed (with some stored in cargo trailer); book shelves were rearranged; minimum remaining Christmas packed; “odd” items boxed for next trip to Habitat for Humanity thrift store. Furthermore, an empty box in the living room awaiting items to be donated….

A very good day!!

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