Active while inactive !!

Just the facts, Ma’am; just the facts.”  Famous words from Jack Webb on Dragnet TV series. ~~ The old lady has a variety of quality supplements to keep her in good health. For brunch, add organic steel-cut oatmeal, slow-cooked, with raisins for a bit of sweetness. “I’m cold” was a recent lament. Attempting to warm the trailer, punch the numbers higher and higher. Then the realization: “The furnace isn’t working!! That’s why there has been the odor of propane?!” An RV-friend was consulted about all things propane and the recommendations were numerous. Reading the suggestions, cold and tired old lady wanted to go to bed and cover her head!! ~~ “Cold and tired old lady”  is going to don the Slanket and go back to Dr. Scholl’s heated massager. ~~  An hour later and trailer temperature has reached seventy degrees. “Heat strip” is less efficient.

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