Christmas miracle ?!

Not what I expected!! It was a special trip into Livingston, to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, to deliver (donate) a lot of Christmas decorations. I took the items in the front door, put them in a shopping cart, and wheeled all to the back of the store (where they price items). I hadn’t planned to “look” (my purse was still in the car). My “walk” took me past a wide variety of chairs. When I returned to the entrance, and cashier, I was rolling the office chair. No price tag (but  learned a modest $30.00). I went back for the Dr. Scholl’s messager (with $8.00 price tag) and plugged it in to check if “it worked.” Immediately, vibration from head to toe!! With tax, the total just shy of $32.00 and I gave them $42.00. In my “mind’s eye,” the trip to Livingston was not about “giving.” My Heavenly Father wanted me to “receive” a “more comfortable”  computer chair, and the messager. The decades-old “other” chair is already in the KIA for next trip to Habitat thrift shop. (I’m intent upon “downsizing.”)

No “new” full body massager located; look at the price for half the size. Look at the price of a “similar” chair.

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