Mid-morning musing

Currently, there are many statements about, and interviews with, Kathie Lee Gifford. Shortly after nine AM, on the third hour of NBC Today show, the hosts were talking with Kathie, and about her many quotes. On and on, then this comment: “If you don’t do something artistic, you die on the vine.”  I quickly wrote it down so I could put it in a blog message. “She’s talking about me!!”  That’s what I was thinking. That is why I write a blog (to be artistic), that’s why I take pictures (because I’m an amateur photographer), that’s why I made (and display) “bottle trees,” etc, etc., ad infinitum. More than once, in my blog messages I tell the reader: “I march to the tune of a different drummer.”  I love, love, love the challenge of the computer, and research on Ancestry.com. I hope, and pray, (like Kathie Lee) I will be involved in something “artistic” on the day I die.

I can’t claim “success”  but I put my heart, mind, and soul into even the smallest acts.

P.S. I don’t “watch” television, I “listen” while “doing”  computer and/or other tasks.

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