Sawdust between the ears ??

The burning pain in my arm, shoulder and neck has not subsided. IcyHot and Aleve  provide limited relief. Yesterday, I received an email message that prompted me to double-check my Ancestry  family tree. OMG, there was misinformation and I was conscience-stricken. This morning (in spite of the pain), I hastened to correct the error. How many other researchers documented my error into their database? ~~ Not very smart of the old lady?? Sawdust between the ears??

Afterthought postscript; If you haven’t read my recent blog messages, I add this bit of information. Spending excessive amount of time, bending forward, tense and intense, researching on Ancestry probably caused the shoulder and neck pain!! Hoping for relief, I haven’t been “on” Ancestry for about one week. With equal intensity, today I worked to correct errors in my Ancestry Frantz Family Tree. Not very smart!

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