Neapolitan? Different “flavors”?

The old lady can’t remember the last day she was “climbing the family tree” ; several days without visiting (Perhaps “too much computer” led to the pain in arm, shoulder, and neck?) More days spent in the yard. (Fortunately, pleasant weather.) Entry into the storage trailer for the first time in weeks!! (Gratefully, located the Christmas decorations.) Email replies to individuals who read an article written and published to the Internet many years ago. (A Google search [brief search] failed to reveal the article but same content in an earlier blog message.)

Today, for the first time in five-plus years, I watched CBS Sunday Morning TV program. Being a “creature of habit,”  I usually watch NBC-TV. (Previously, with my “through the air” antenna [free TV], that was the only major network I received.) Now, with DISH, more variety but (repeat) I’m a “creature of habit.” (So good to see Jane Pauley again.)

All the wonderful tributes regarding former president George H.W. Bush. How refreshing to hear about a President who was respectful, kind, and self-deprecating. (Yours truly planned to include a wonderful video… but my old computer refused to “load”… [or I was too impatient?].)

“Sleep aids” were abandoned for herbal tea before bedtime. Subsequently, better sleep and “good mornings.” Hallelujah!!

Sitting at my “old computer,”  the view has less color. Autumn leaves gone in less than one week.

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