Cold temp. & hot news !!

Obviously, it’s cold outdoors, and pleasantly warm indoors. The “hot news” is: Nine-and-one-half hours of sleep. Only one brief time when I woke up after seven-and-three-quarters hours.


Details are important to me. Perhaps related to years as a “proofreader”?  My “travels,” yesterday, started when I “spotted” the letter “S” on the grave marker for Dorothy Louise Frantz (1922-1947).  “That’s peculiar.”  Investigation followed and the “duplicate” is Dorothy Louise Frantz (1922-1978). Yes, I had listed the 1978 death date, and California location, to a woman who  was born and died in Illinois–and her middle name was not “Louise.”  (Lorraine error!!) “Who is Dorothy Louise Frantz who died in Huntington Beach, California, in 1978?”  That launched documentation for that woman, her Frantz husband, his other wives and a total of twelve marriages. At this writing, I have not identified his lineage; I’m “stuck” with his grandfather (born 1843 in Ohio). ~~ I’ve searched “original” Census records (via the Internet) for the individuals–and their neighbors. This is another “challenge” that found me; I don’t deliberately go searching for (examples) father of orphan father of husband of first cousin–or unidentified grandfather of third cousin.

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