Traveling !!

Coast to coast in the past eight hours. I’m “taking a break” to write this because a blog is less stressful than “climbing the family tree.” Yesterday, I caught myself with an error–and not enough time to correct before I walk away from computer no later than eight PM. (Computer screen [light] may interfere with my sleep?!) So, first thing this morning, I worked to rectify the error (and no small task). Afterwards, I searched for the woman whom I’d mistakenly co-mingled. (Identical first, middle, and last name.)  Although I had her with the Frantz surname, it was her married name. Her husband is an extremely interesting character: Musician, worked at 20th Century Fox, married  half-a-dozen times.  “Where does he fit on the Frantz family tree?”  Several hours searching and still no answer to that question. While searching his parents, I found myself working with unfamiliar families (and I’m the authority on the FRANTZ surname). For the first time (in my recollection), a Frantz family in Oregon. “Where did they come from?”  So many family members have roots in Ohio and Kansas. Still no established connection. ~~ There you are; Lorraine traveling from coast to coast in one day (in her pajamas). 

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