Pursuing the mundane ?!

Time spent in the yard: Trimmed some limbs, picked up fallen limbs, burned limbs and yard debris that had accumulated in the fire barrel. Smelly job: Dumped the “black water tank” (sewage). Wonderful weather to work in the yard. However, a “cold front” in the offing and the thermometer will dip into the 40’s in a couple of days. Tomorrow, a “storm” will interfere with “trick or treat.”  I can’t procrastinate projects in the yard–but difficult when only four hours sleep!! Also: Could not procrastinate proper attention to fresh veggies purchased recently. Packaged salad greens had already begun to get slimy and had to pick… and wash… before adding to cabbage, celery, green pepper, tomatoes, boiled egg, raisins, hemp hearts and apple. No calorie-laden salad dressing; extra virgin olive oil and  raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.  Enjoying the salad while preparing this blog message.

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