Armchair researcher


Quite by accident, the “armchair researcher” noted she had 12,999 names in her database. Furthermore, she did not know how many individuals added in two months. This is “evidence,” in black and white, of hours, days, and weeks meticulously documenting family–and collateral lines. The word “evidence” used because that’s paramount in my research. To repeat an earlier lament: Too many careless errors in Ancestry individual member trees.Too few sources attached to their individual(s). So-o-o-o, I search, and search…!

(Smiley face) APPRECIATION for the remarkable computer.  Information delivered to my fingertips within seconds. Their “search” feature is almost lightning fast. Furthermore, the program is so intelligent it anticipates my needed information. That “anticipation” got me in trouble yesterday: Ancestry scrambled  about a dozen records. I’ll spend hours today trying to unravel the mess!! If it wasn’t Ancestry’s computer, it was Lorraine’s computer. For many days, I have been working almost exclusively with a great-grandfather. Armchair Psychologist, written yesterday, was attached to his record. “Records” seem to indicate George Thomas Showalter (1848-1921) had four marriages. To perfect documentation…, I also documented his wives. Wife #2 had five marriages; wife #3 had three marriages; wife #4 (to my knowledge) only one previous spouse. Wives…, and their spouses…, excellent exercise for the brain of this old lady!! I’m documenting individuals living in the late eighteen hundreds, early nineteen hundreds. Few records acknowledging a divorce. Marriage records “yes,” divorce records “no.” Question: bigamy? Seldom a remarriage after death of spouse (spouse still living at time of remarriage). Swapping partners is common in twenty-eighteen but surprising (to me) in late eighteen hundreds. Maybe I’m dealing with an anomaly?

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