One-Hundred dollar day

Yes, I bought groceries but the trip into Livingston was prompted because of septic tank problem. My nasty “across the driveway” neighbor was complaining of plumbing problems. He contacted our landlady yesterday and she, in turn, called a septic service. Very nice, thoughtful, considerate man was here at ten o’clock. The tank didn’t need pumping but is “stressed.” So I went to Lowe’s for RidX.  I’ve been “treating” the tank for months and now have enough product for another year. 

I was “caught” in a cloudburst!! I was enjoying “fast food” at the Whataburger and thought I’d make a dash for the KIA and return home.  Thirty minutes later, the sun was shining and I shopped Lowe’s, and market. I exercised restraint; I did not browse the garden department at Lowe’s. In my mind, I want Pansies for one (or two) planters but my tired body dictates “no more projects.”

Shortly after storing perishables in the refrigerator, in the laundry room, more heavy rain. I’m “high and dry” and “fat and sassy.”

Evening TV news: Next week comfortable temperatures!

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