Prestigious ancestors ?!


The sad recent anniversary prompted me to “work” with my Quaker ancestry (on The families had been documented several years ago but new records available .

In many respects, via Ancestry, I am “traveling” again as I reflect on my experiences. In 1992 I traveled from Southern California to Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, for a Coffin Family Reunion. I did research in addition to visiting historic sites. (See a copy of the book I wrote about that experience.) Subsequent travels took me to Fountain City, Indiana, and the home of Levi Coffin (“President” of the Underground Railroad). ~~ My travels were/are an asset as I document individuals in my “tree.” So many errors have appeared in “other individual” Ancestry member family trees. I talk to my computer and say “Been there, done that.”  That person didn’t marry in (example) California (their entire life is North Carolina). ~~ I did “research”; I don’t “copy”….

While living in North Carolina, I also researched my Quaker ancestors in Guilford County.

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