TEX Noteline

You’re familiar with NBC Dateline and ABC Nightline?! Awake during the night, I decided to title this blog message “TEX Noteline.” (TEX for Texas.)

Two Melatonin gummies chewed just before ten PM but I was still awake at 11:00, and 12:00. Then brief sleep but awake at 1:08 AM. Another brief sleep but awake at 2:06. Still awake at 2:32 but sometime thereafter fell asleep until 4:11 AM. Another brief sleep until 5:24. My body (or brain) then indicated “stop the marry-go-round” and get off (get up). “Up” at 6:30 and coffee will be ready soon. I’m yawning repeatedly and rubbing my sleepy eyes.

“Coffee” yes, but no caffeine after ten yesterday morning. I took my many supplements but was cautious about food intake. Could restaurant-style tortilla chips be the culprit? I had some with a sandwich at noon. What ingredient am I ingesting that is stronger than the sleep aid Melatonin??

Change of topic: Weather. Yesterday the TV meteorologist said It may be October but still feels like August.”  The recent rain soaked the soil and contributes to the humidity.


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