Detour ?

Change of topic. “Beauty (value) in the eye of the beholder.”  Not that “value” is important to me–out of curiosity–I checked the Internet. Here is one, and another, of several links. Images of olive oil bottles but only one that resembled mine. I made the mistake of removing and discarding the label on the back of the bottle. Remember, I was buying the bottle for display on a “bottle bush.” Inside, and out, the bottle was sticky with rancid oil. Time, and lots of Dawn, went into cleaning the container!

Click picture to enlarge for greater detail.


So this is the way I frittered away time on a rainy day morning. (Don’t accuse me of a “one track mind” [family history].) The hair dryer hasn’t seen the light of day, for years!! After thorough cleaning (anxious to take pictures), I wanted to “dry” the inside…. On second thought, I may NOT display the bottle in my yard; I’ll add it to the clutter inside my trailer home. (Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy book written by Barbara Johnson.) 

Why did I suddenly add the reference to Barbara Johnson and Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy? I don’t know. Maybe (for this, my Journal), I wanted to assuage guilt for “clutter” and affirm my fondness for taking pictures, writing thoughts, and publishing blog messages. Furthermore, a fondness for bottle bushes, bottle trees, bottle chandeliers, etc, and all things “garden.” When the rain stops, and I venture outdoors, I’ll switch a “summer” garden flag for an “autumn” flag.

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