Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow #2


Couldn’t sleep; too much on my mind. Yesterday, I was one, of millions, who watched the Senate proceedings. My heart bleeds for a good man unjustly charged. ~~ Yesterday evening, TV meteorologist said “Coolest temperature since May.”  Millions of people, in Texas, are grateful for relief from the heat and humidity!! ~~ “If only”  I could get some relief from sleepless nights!! No caffeine after 10:00 AM; no computer after 7:00 PM: routine bedtime 10:00 PM. ~~ Today I plan to shop the “going out of business” SPCA Thrift Shop. Not a thing I need but I’m always looking for colored bottles and vases for the “bottle trees.” ~~ Tomorrow (if it doesn’t rain) I’ll take advantage of the cooler weather and work in the yard.

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