Weepy woman !!

Finding an additional connection between myself and my “Ware” grand-children is very emotional. The following is the comment I attached (on Ancestry.com) to the record  of William Glover Vestal (1692-1744).

The greatest gift I can leave my grandchildren (imho) is the accurate documentation of their ancestry. I’ve spent days (weeks?) meticulously building their tree one leaf at a time. Yesterday, the name “Vestal” appeared as an ancestor on (“other parent”) tree. I started weeping because I sensed I already had that family in my database. Today, I completed the connection. My sixth great-grandfather is the father of James (1726-1793), my grandchildren’s (Ware) line, and David (1736-1819), my maternal line.

These are our Quaker ancestors–and the Quakers were very thorough with documentation. Their records are interesting reading. ~~ One Ancestry.com Member Family Tree record may have been “tweeked” for bragging rights and “interesting reading.”  It suggested their ancestor was the builder and owner of the Mayflower. Personally, I only document information with reliable sources.

One comment on “Weepy woman !!

  1. Here is a response received via my email address: “Well within the realm of statistical probability, given the size of the population of the time, that the two families would have crossed paths.”

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