Spinning my wheel; going nowhere !!

Stuck in the mud? I’ve been “involved” lately creating a family tree for granddaughters. I’m incredulous because two women named Dorothy Mae Kirby and two (or more) men named Stanley L. Cotton. These four, and additional spouses, are intermingled on Ancestry Member Family Trees. As previously stated, I despise the inaccurate Member Trees. “Hey, guys, look at the dates. If he was born in 1925, he didn’t marry in 1935.” That’s just one of the statements I’ve yelled at the computer!! “Where did you get that marriage?” I go into their “tree” and no sources; their reference is another Ancestry Member Tree. I eventually identified the correct Dorothy May Kirby–a grand-aunt to my granddaughters. Finally, I located a marriage license application with names of applicants and their parents; Stanley L. Cotton rightly identified.  Yet to document: The other men named Stanley L. Cotton and their spouses. ~~ With so many projects awaiting my attention, why am I wasting my time on these individuals?? Answer: The challenge to identify, and document. (Why climb Everest, or Half Dome?) Furthermore, it is material for another story/article for Mennonite Family History. No, these folks aren’t Mennonite but an interesting topic regarding “family history.”

Nine men named Stanley Cotton. With persistence, I was able to identify one man as Stanley “Perry” Cotton (in some records, the “P” looks like “L”). One Member Family Tree listed a man with specific birth and death dates and it was “unsourced.” (I could not match that information with Ancestry searches.) There are several wives, and several divorces (well documented), and I can’t identify who belongs to whom!! (I know they are married, and divorced, from Stanley, but which Stanley?) ~~ I’m overdue for a meal, and have to admit defeat. My only accomplishment today (this morning): Water the plants, clean the fountain, pick up downed limbs. Ninety four degrees at four and forty-nine percent humidity. Too hot to be outdoors!!

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