Thomastina Edison here ?!

“Experimenting” with the refrigerator. Now that I have an ample supply of propane, I’ll see if the RV refrigerator will operate in that mode.  Folks with more savvy (than “yours truly”) have asked if it works on propane but I was reluctant to deplete my limited supply. When I “switched” (from electric), there was a brief piercing noise that frightened me. I got out the manual and the noise is a built-in safety. I had a problem with the refrigerator manual: The print is so tiny I had difficulty reading WITH A MAGNIFYING GLASS. ~~ Old age is such a “bummer”!!

Saturday, September 10, 2018: The “propane” feature function is identical to electric, Eventually, I need a repairman. I’m so grateful for the “house” refrigerator in the laundry room. Less convenient but large and extremely cold.

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