Needle in a haystack ?!

You’ve heard me lament that I have too many project?! This morning, I’ve been searching for specific email messages. To my embarrassment, there are more than nine thousand messages at my address. I “check” my email and skip over those I don’t want to read. Obviously, messages have piled up. Safe to say, I should spend more time deleting excess messages and more time downsizing clutter in my trailer home (and the yard). I recognize that spending time on Ancestry and/or Family Search is my escape because I’m overwhelmed with “to do.” (Yesterday I “found” a fourth great-grandmother I’ve been searching for. Hallelujah!!)

My RV refrigerator is “sick” and needs repair. A dear friend took time–in June–to research and send links to YouTube videos. My “handy-dandy” (loved that guy) repairman is extremely busy with other jobs(?) and I’m preparing to send valuable resource information to another repairman. “Needle in a haystack” to find those earlier messages.

Above was start of message YESTERDAY. I found… and I sent… and await…. The message was unfinished because lack of sleep the previous night. Likewise, today, the message is brief due to lack of sleep. I was so encouraged (Monday) when I enjoyed a full night’s sleep. Premature praise?! Two subsequent nights tossing and turning. Not enough energy to type!!


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