Something to shout about !?

Yours truly got a perfect night’s sleep: Ten PM until seven AM.  Usually, ten until two, then wide awake. This is awesome; I’m likely going to have a busy day. ~~ Hallelujah!!


Yesterday, we had a brief thunderstorm (that cancelled out my Internet for a while). Enough rain… so I didn’t need to water plants this morning. A couple of hours doing tasks in the yard while doing a load of laundry.


Gordon Robertson (CBN 700 Club) had a very, interesting segment regarding sleep. “Insomnia” is a major problem that troubles people of all ages. Honestly, I’m doing a lot of the right things: No food or drink for several hours before bedtime; no lights or TV in bedroom; lavender scent sprinkled around my pillow, etc., etc. Bottom line: See the doctor if the problem persists. Yuck!! I rarely go to a doctor and I do not take prescription drugs. To wrap up this paragraph, I’ve really had more “go power” today after a good night’s sleep.

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