Detective work ?!

According to Mark Twain “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

“Yours truly”  has been doing detective work on It is peculiar, I confess, because I was searching for the second husband of the wife of my first-cousin two-times-removed. (Understand?) Her death record listed her married name (at death) as “Beach.” Thus started a lengthy search for a marriage. At last…, and the name of the spouse was Vern Beach. On Ancestry I “tried” several possibilities and came up with a spouse name “Nellie.” Still couldn’t find “Vern Beach.” The search for Nellie was straight forward, no problems. Via a circuitous route, I found “Vern.” Would you believe his name is Remus LaVerne Beach (1891-1955). No wonder I had difficulty finding him!! When I finally had his name, “hints” were numerous. His father’s name is Remus Orlando Beach and his mother is Rebecca Hauty. Seriously, I wouldn’t fabricate this information. I am a fanatic about family history accuracy. The careless record information in Ancestry member family trees is criminal (in my humble opinion). I’m making it my job to “clean up” the mistakes.

Below, see the record showing I recently moved beyond 9,999 individuals in my Ancestry database.

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