Sad & glad !!

“Glad” that I am capable of doing projects and maintenance. This old lady was down on her bony knees to remove the UPS and swap the attached cords. This was prompted because the UPS failed (?) and caused a computer problem.  (Can’t have computer problems!!) ~~ “Sad”  because a handyman declined doing my listed projects because “not worth his time.”  He contacted me a month ago indicating he’d be available in July–so I started a list of things he could do (that I can’t do): Trim tree limbs, secure gutters drooping from roof (on the ladder projects), replace hose fittings (because I haven’t strength to force hose sections on fitting), etc., etc.

Furthermore, transplant a little cedar tree although not the appropriate time of year to transplant. (The clay soil is difficult digging.) It is too close to the path, and too attractive to cut down. I thought I was doing him a favor (he contacted me) but he said not worth his time to drive from his home (twenty miles?). ~~ Do I have leprosy, bad breath, body odor?? My “RV” repairman, Jim, has not returned to work on my RV-refrigerator repair.

Below, see Purple Shamrock in all its glory. Many visitors admired the plant , conspicuous on my patio in previous years. I believed the plant was dead because no sign of life this Spring. Recently, I dumped the planter soil into this large planter. Today I saw the new growth. Little things (like this) make me very happy!!

Because of recent thunder showers, I have not been in the yard for five days (no need to water [lol]). I’ve devoted days to the family history research project, and only left the trailer to go to the refrigerator in the laundry room. I’m obsessive-compulsive when trying to resolve a genealogy mystery. This one has me pulling my hair, and losing sleep at night!!

One comment on “Sad & glad !!

  1. Deb says:

    If the handyman says the list of multiple things you have isn’t worth his time, it doesn’t sound like he’s too interested in working, and maybe he shouldn’t be worth your time, in the future. Put a sign up in the clubhouse, or pass the word around the rv park somehow…I bet there are traveling men who would love to make a few bucks and help a fellow RVer.

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