Good intentions ?!

What’s that old expression about “good intentions”? Today, I ran out of energy. The books were packed more than six months ago, and book shelf folded and leaning against the wall. I believed I could watch/listen to TV worship services on Trinity Broadcasting Network and set up book shelves and add the health books. The boxes are unopened. “Health” is a concern for me and I fret about extreme fatigue and lack of motivation (procrastination). Recently, after trying several sleep aids (but not prescription drugs), I find that ZzzQuil allows me to get seven or eight hours sleep. Hallelujah!! After weeks of neglect, I’m religiously taking my vitamins and supplements again. I’m making an extended effort to eat healthy. Frankly, there were days when I was “too tired”  to prepare a meal (after working in the yard) so I simply didn’t eat. Fatigue and depression are my companions. It has been six months since evicted from the CARE Center. It is “too hot”  to work in the cargo trailer (or outside adjacent to…) so further procrastination. The cargo trailer is full of memorabilia and boxes of family history. I’ve neglected the scanning project for nine months.  So-o-o much to do!! It’s a vicious circle.

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